Do Not Do These 5 Things Instagram

The world has really gone visual, and Insta-gram is leading the way in which with a hundred and fifty million customers.

Yes, that really is less than Facebook. But in case the two were about a home coming court, Instagram would choose the crown. Exactly why? Because the users tend to be somewhat more engaged-meaning much more exercise for your brand, and more prevalence levels!

If this will not convince you, then below are a few other social media marketing stats. . Get ready for the wow aspect!

40-million pictures are uploaded daily.
1, 000 comments are made every second.
16 billion images are shared entire.

So what does this mean to your industry? Now you get a important opportunity to tell your brand’s story, make relevant marketing and advertising, and socialize with your customers in a sense they will love! (Side note: Clients crave meaningful conversationĀ buy ipv6 proxy ! ) )

Just before that awesomeness can be made, let’s discuss what don’t do about Instagram. I requested my fellow teammates to their feedback about the”don’ts” of all Instagram, also here is exactly what we now chose:

Insta-gram mistakes poll results graph

1. Hash Tags
– Keep them simple and relevant. Typically this involves just one or two words.These enable other users to readily find your photos. In the event you incorporate an image of an ice cream cone, then you may want to hash tag #icecream instead of #icecreamyouscreamweallscreamforicecream!

2. Over-Posting
We know you are super excited about everything you’re getting. However, greater than just a few photographs uploaded at once-relating towards exactly the exact same thing-goes against Instagram etiquette. Get one or two photos you are pleased with and leave the remainder for face-book!

3. Selfies
– I am all for feeling fantastic on your own and showing the world your best smile, but a selfie is simply unneeded. Let’s imagine you and your coworkers are attending a seminar. Your buddies will probably appreciate visiting a group taken of you standing before a sitting or banner in a table-rather than only your smiling face in a mirror!

4. Requesting Follows
– This may gain you more followers but maybe not the top quality variety. Plus it comes across as distressed. Your very best choice is always to have your employees stick to your followers and profile will probably come organically through your system.

5. Last But Not Least: Meals Photos
– Certainly your company gets more exciting what to place than just your lunch daily. Unless you are a restaurant or chef owner showing your item of work, then I would abstain from meals pics.